Flame Retardant Bedding

Flame retardant bedding is a must-have for any home, hotel, guest house, holiday cottage, Airbnb, nursing home, or any other accommodation in the leisure sector, including care homes. Our bedding products, including duvet covers and pillowcases, are made to British standards, ensuring the highest quality of fire retardant bedding available.

Our flame resistant bedding products are not only fire-resistant, but also waterproof, making them perfect for care homes and other establishments where safety is a top priority. Our flame retardant waterproof bedding is designed to protect against spills and other accidents while also providing a comfortable and safe sleeping environment.

We understand the importance of providing high-quality bedding products that meet the safety standards required for the accommodation industry. That’s why we offer a wide range of flame retardant bedding, manufactured to the highest standards.

Whether you require fire retardant bedding for your own home or business, or you’re looking to supply care homes or other establishments with safe and comfortable bedding, we’ve got you covered. Choose our flame retardant bedding for peace of mind and a safe and secure sleeping environment. Click here to learn how flame retardant bedding works.

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