Flame Retardant Blankets

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Our flame-retardant blankets are an exemplary product to keep you warm and comfortable during cold winter nights. The cellular composition of the blanket has a unique way of providing warmth and breathability.  The blanket is manufactured from inherently flame-retardant Polyester.  A property that does not diminish despite multiple washes, making the blanket extremely durable.

These cellular blankets are ideal for use in households, hotels, nursing homes, hospitals, and ambulances.  All of which to whom we can supply, whether it be in retail or wholesale quantities, for excellent and low prices.

  • 100% Cotton
  • 178 x 228 cm
  • Machine Washable

For hotel bedding bulk orders, please Contact Us for a quote.

Benefits of Flame-retardant blankets

Flame-retardant blankets offer several benefits for hotels.  Firstly, they help to increase guest safety by reducing the risk of fires in hotel rooms.  Flame-retardant blankets are designed to resist ignition and slow down the spread of flames in case of a fire.  This gives hotel guests more time to evacuate the room.

Additionally, flame resistant blankets can provide peace of mind for hotel guests and staff.  Knowing that the blankets have been treated with fire-resistant chemicals can help to alleviate concerns about fire safety and create a safer environment for everyone in the hotel.

They can also be a cost-effective solution for hotels.  In the event of a fire, these blankets can help to minimize damage and prevent the need for expensive repairs or renovations. Furthermore, many insurance companies offer discounts to hotels that take steps to improve their fire safety measures, including using flame-resistant blankets.
Click here to learn how flame retardant bedding works.

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