V-Shape Pillows (Neck Support)

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Our luxury hollow fibre v-shape pillows, designed ergonomically, offer optimal head and neck support. They are filled with anti-allergenic polyester hollow fibre for enhanced comfort.  These pillows feature a soft polycotton overlay, uniquely woven for a smoother feel against the skin, unlike traditional rough polyester.  Easy to maintain and wash, our v-shaped hollow fibre pillows ensure long-lasting durability.

V-shape hollow fibre pillows are ideal for use in homes, hospitals, and nursing homes.  We are happy to supply retail or wholesale quantities, all at excellent low prices.

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The designers created V-shape pillows to support the neck and upper back, which can provide multiple benefits for people experiencing neck pain or stiffness.   Here are some benefits of using V-shape pillows for neck support:

  • Reduces neck pain
    The unique V-shape design of the pillow helps to cradle the neck, therefore providing proper alignment and support for the head and neck.   Helps to reduce neck pain and stiffness, which can be caused by poor sleeping posture.
  • Improves sleep quality
    They provide a comfortable and supportive surface for the head and neck, which can improve sleep quality. When the neck is properly supported, it can help to reduce snoring and sleep apnea.  Any sleep-related breathing disorders will benefit.
  • Versatile
    V-shape pillows offer versatility to those who require neck support.  They serve as a conventional pillow for sleeping or as a backrest for reading or watching TV.
  • Ideal for pregnancy
    Often recommended for pregnant women as they provide support for the growing belly and help to alleviate back pain and discomfort
  • Easy to clean
    Made from washable materials, therefore making them easy to clean and maintain. This is especially important for those who suffer from allergies or asthma, as regular cleaning can help to reduce allergens and irritants.

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