100% Cotton Terry Towelling Bathrobes

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Our Cotton Terry Towelling Bathrobes are ideal for your home, hotel, spa or healthcare facility. Designed specifically to maintain warmth whilst also drying after a bath or shower, our Terry Towelling Robes are a must have for any establishment which wants to deliver pure luxury.

  • Made from 100% Ring Spun cotton
  • One size (closer to an XL size)
  • Highly Absorbent
  • Highly Durable
  • Machine Washable, tumble dry

For bulk orders, please Contact Us for a quote.

Benefits of 100% cotton terry toweling bathrobes

There are several benefits to using 100% cotton terry toweling bathrobes:

  1. Absorbency: Cotton terry toweling has excellent absorbent properties, making it great for quickly drying off after a shower or bath. The loops in the fabric trap moisture, helping you to stay dry.
  2. Softness and Comfort: Cotton is known for its softness, and terry toweling adds a plushness that feels cozy and comfortable against the skin, providing a luxurious feel.
  3. Breathability: Cotton fibers allow air to circulate, making it breathable and preventing you from feeling overheated while wearing the robe.
  4. Durability: 100% cotton bathrobes are durable and can withstand frequent washing without losing their quality. They tend to become softer over time without losing their shape or structure.
  5. Versatility: They are versatile and suitable for various climates. They provide warmth in cooler weather but are also lightweight enough to be comfortable in warmer temperatures.
  6. Hypoallergenic Properties: Natural cotton is less likely to cause allergic reactions or irritate sensitive skin compared to synthetic materials.
  7. Easy Maintenance: Cotton bathrobes are relatively easy to maintain. They can usually be machine-washed and tumble-dried, making them convenient for regular use.

When choosing a bathrobe, look for high-quality cotton like Egyptian or Turkish cotton, as they are known for their superior softness and absorbency.

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