Where Can I Buy Hotel Quality Bedding Sets?

Hotel quality bedding sets are one of the little luxuries that go further than most to create a luxury feel equally at home in a high-specification hotel or your own residence. The feeling of crisp and clean high-quality bedding isn’t something that can be replicated without each individual aspect of the ensemble being correct. When you are looking for suitable hotel-quality bedding for any setting it is worth understanding these aspects in a little detail to ensure you make the correct choice and enable that oh-so-comfortable luxury bedding experience to come together.

Why Is Hotel Bedding So Comfortable?

Hotels pride themselves on the comfort they offer to their guests, it’s one of the key areas that the hotel industry and their suppliers have invested heavily in. Much research has been carried out over recent years resulting in ever higher standards of comfort for guests. This investment has put hotels in the best position possible to obtain exceptional bed sets that accommodate their guests in style and leave them refreshed after a memorably comfortable night’s sleep.

Having the right bed sheets gives a great start, but the correct presentation is paramount if the desired comfort experience is to be achieved. Hotel managers have learned the skills needed by hospitality staff to make and present beds to ensure comfort.

It goes without saying that a suitable supportive mattress is required and it too is a key to achieving the comfort attained by the best hotels. These mattresses tend to be in the medium to firm tension range to ensure the best most comfortable support for the majority of guests. Some hotels go further in tailoring the sleep experience offered by their mattresses by incorporating the use of mattress toppers. A mattress topper is an additional layer of supportive cushioning that is used in addition to a standard mattress. They can be used to add additional plushness and support for a super comfortable sleeping experience. These toppers can be manufactured using different foams and springing systems to provide an element of individual fine tuning to a mattress’s comfort and support.

Hotels Use Premium Soft Sheets

A comfortable bed experience centres on the choice of sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers, these are the components of the bedding that are directly in contact with our skin. So choosing correctly is important. Good hotel bedding suppliers will state to the thread count of their bedding (often abbreviated to TC). In general, the higher the thread count, the softer the sheet will feel. But it is a fine balance, hotel bedding has a hard life, it is likely to be changed often and laundered using commercial services. This means hotel sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers need to be hard-wearing and simple to fit. This set of requirements differs from domestic bedding that experiences cleaning by only by domestic laundry appliances and when changed does not have to provide the seamless ease of exchange that commercial hotel bedding takes in its daily stride. For this reason when you are looking to purchase hotel-quality bedding, choosing a supplier that specialises in the hospitality and hotel industries will pay dividends in the immediate comfort provided by the bedding, but also in its longevity and ability to be rigorously cleaned and provide that new feeling over and over again.

Commercial Hotelier Laundry Services

Hotels employ the services of professional laundry companies that know how to launder hotel bedding to perfection. Obviously, they return scrupulously clean bedding to their customers each and every time, but more than clean they take advantage of the best in optical whiteners and presentation techniques to ensure all bedding laundered by them is returned in the best condition possible. This does not stop at visual perfection; bedding is subject to treatment with high-quality softening processes during its cleaning cycle. That fresh fragrance that often welcomes you into the best hotel rooms is not left to chance; professional hotel laundries use the best fragrances to ensure the long-lasting freshness you can smell.
Many of the best hotels use flat sheets that are always ironed after cleaning. This ironing takes any creases out of the bedding and helps hospitality staff in their task of bed making. A well-ironed sheet takes well to the folds and tucks needed to properly make a bed. This aspect of bed making leads to a neat and tidy appearance time after time. Often the beds are made using the hospital corner technique.  This is a sure method for avoiding unsightly creases and ensuring the bedding stays in place even during a restless night’s sleep. These cleaning techniques are an essential component required to obtain that hotel bedding comfort whatever your venue or location.


We have touched upon the presentation already.  It’s a large subject and one where a hotel often shows its personal touch. Many hotels opt for crisp white bedding, few venturing darker than light natural or pastel tones.  This is deliberate and ensures a calm ambience that presents itself neatly and unobtrusively.  This adds subtly to the feeling of serenity a well-presented hotel room can offer. So it is not without consideration and thought to provide the most comfortable relaxing sleep experience that hotels choose their bedding while ensuring practicality at each stage of its use.

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