Why is Hotel Bedding So Comfortable?

Whether you’re on holiday, traveling for work, or visiting a hotel for another reason, one of the highlights of being away from home is often sleeping in a hotel bed. Hotel style bedding can really help when it comes to drifting off and getting a good night’s sleep, but how do you create hotel style bedding at home?

How to Create Hotel Style Bedding?

Buying the right type of bedding definitely makes a difference to the quality of sleep you get – so it is well worth investigating your options & seeing what you can find. However, don’t be tricked into thinking that you can only get hotel-quality bedding by investing in the most expensive bedding you can find because that won’t always be the case. Instead, you want to look for hotel bed linen that is both high-quality and durable; because those are the qualities that anyone wondering where can I buy hotel bedding will be wondering about.

When choosing hotel quality bedding, experienced managers tend to choose cotton as the preferred fabric for sheets and pillowcases. Cotton offers the perfect balance between a high quality appearance, excellent durability, and exceptional comfort. Cotton is available in many colours as well as the more usually seen black and white hotel bedding. The material launders well and retains freshness meaning a bed made using cotton sheets covers a hotelier’s requirements better than other materials can in most circumstances.

Creating that Hotel Feel

Although the quality of bedding most definitely matters when it comes to hotel bedding at home, the presentation of your bed matters too. Do you think you would sleep as well in a hotel bed if the bed was unmade and the sheets crinkled when you arrived at your hotel room? Probably not!

One thing that hotels give us is a well-made bed that we can slip into without too much hassle, and feel the well-fitted bed sheets beneath our skin. If you want to sleep at home feeling like you are in a hotel then making your bed every morning definitely goes towards helping you recreate that feeling.

If you’re trying to recreate that hotel feeling throughout your room then the colour of your bedding matters; you’ll find that most hotels stick to all-white bedding. This is because it helps to give that look and feel of freshness, which is exactly what every hotel room needs.

How To Have Hotel Bedding at Home

If you want to make your bed like a professional housekeeper then ditching the fitted sheet is the first thing to do, because you’ll very rarely find these in a hotel. Instead, invest in a handful of high-quality flat sheets. You use to cover the mattress & get the corners tucked in nice and tight as well as all the sides. Then you’ll have a second flat sheet that is on top of this and tucked in neatly but not as tight – with your duvet on top of this. These layers help to create that hotel feeling and ensure that everyone is as warm or as cool as they need to be whilst enjoying their night’s sleep. We’ve probably all climbed into a hotel bed and ditched a couple of pillows because there are just too many – but that’s part of the whole hotel experience. If you’re looking at hotel bedding sets then investing in a couple of extra pillows to add to the mix is a must. This adds to the whole luxurious look and feel of your bed – helping it to feel just like a hotel stay.

So, if you are wondering how to create hotel-style bedding the first thing to do is research your options and buy high-quality bedding. Then you want to practice making the bed just like a hotel housekeeper would do (YouTube is a great resource for this) and then you should get into the habit of making the bed perfectly every morning. This might seem like a small step but if you want to recreate the feeling of slipping into hotel bedding each night at bedtime, it really does make all the difference.

Creating Hotel Bedding